A Cash 4 Clothes Fundraiser is a smart way to raise funds for your organization, while protecting the environment and helping people in need.

According to the EPA, in 2010 alone, 13.1 TONS of textiles were generated as waste in the United States. With all the textile recycling efforts, only 14% of them are recycled. The rest is still going to landfills and incinerators. Not only that creates an environmental issue, it also wastes our tax Dollars.

A Cash 4 Clothes fundraiser is designed to reverse the loss-loss-loss into a win-win-win situation:

- The program diverts the clothing from going to the landfill, which protects our environment.

- Saves our tax Dollars.

- Supports our local schools and non-profit organizations with direct funds.

- Creates jobs in the recycling field.

- Help people in need, whether locally or overseas by providing them with good quality, affordable clothing.

Get started today, request an information packet for our Cash 4 Clothes Fundraiser HERE