Goodthrift's Used Clothing Fundraising program is committed to making a difference and helping in the pollution solution!

Top Reasons to Recycle:

  • Helps the Economy

Many companies seek out used clothing recycling programs to provide them with the raw materials they need to manufacture new products.

  • Creates New Demand

Recycling and buying recycled products decrease waste and help our economy. This creates a demand for more recycled products thus helping our economy further.

  • Creates Jobs

From collectors to drivers, to sorters and beyond, recycling has created many, many jobs worldwide. In the US alone, recycling has become a billion dollar industry worth $236 billion annually. Estimates vary, but approximately 1.1 million people are employed in the recycling and reuse industry worldwide.

  • Saves Energy

Recycling translates to significant energy savings over manufacturing from new materials.

  • Good For The Environment

Because recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, it keeps waste from piling up in landfills.

  • Preserves Landfill Space

No one wants to live next door to a landfill! Recycling preserves existing landfill space, keeping new waste out of it.

  • Prevents Global Warming

In 2000, recycling solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon into the air. This number will continue to grow as recycling becomes more common.

  • Reduces Water Pollution

Making goods from recycled materials generates far less water pollution.

  • Protects Wildlife

Using recycled materials has a direct impact on the preservation of wildlife because it avoids having to destroy natural habitats such as forests, wetlands, rivers and more. This in turn leaves nature intact and helps it survive and rejuvenate.

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