Clothing & Shoes

Usable and wearable clothing and shoes for All Seasons. This includes Mens, Womens, Childrens & Babies.


Purses, Backpacks, Handbags, Clutches, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Laptop bags, Hats, Gloves, Ties, Scarves, Belts and Wallets.

Household Items

Household items made of fabric in good condition (no kitchenware or appliances): Blankets, Bed sheets, Comforters, Curtains, Towels, Draperies, Drapes, Sheers, and Tablecloths


Plushies, Stuffed Animals, Beanie Babies, Rag Dolls. No hard toys and no electronic toys.

Items we DON'T collect:

- Electronics and appliances

- Furniture, mattresses

- Books, Tapes, CDs

- Cookware and Kitchenware

- Hard toys, wooden toys, electronic toys


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Clothing Recycling Fundraiser