Q: Is it possible to have more than one clothing drive per year?
A: Yes! It’s recommended to have about 4 per year, or one each season.

Q: Will there be a team of people with you to load the truck, or do we need to provide volunteers?
A: Volunteers would be greatly appreciated. It’s a great way to get the community involved in recycling and put the three R’s into action!

Q: Will Goodthrift send a storage unit to collect the donations or will the storage place be up to us?
A: Goodthrift does not provide storage units. You will need to arrange the storage of the donations until we come to pick them up.

Q: What is the best way to store the toys?
A: Ideally, soft toys should be in plastic bags. We do not accept hard toys.

Q: Is it possible for donors to receive tax receipts?
A: No. We do not have non-profit status, so we are not authorized to issue tax receipts. However, the school should be able to  do so, as donors are donating their items to the school.

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